The French Estate Wedding, Orange - EventDesignsByTashi

Getting to work with the talented Tashi from “EventDesignsByTashi” definitely made me appreciate and learn more about all the hard work that is put behind the scenes of setting up beautiful, scenic weddings (and other events) that feel like they came out of a magazine and/or movie due to how aesthetically pleasing and luxurious everything looks and feels. 

What an amazing gift it is to be able to turn the already charming “The French Estate” in Orange, California, into something even more special and eye capturing! Consequently, I made sure to take many detailed shots from different angles so as to showcase all the centerpieces, silverware, flowers, candles, signs, furniture decor, food, snacks, desserts, “getaway car”, etc. that had been set up for the wedding that would be taking place in this popular location.


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